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The Citation Bravo is one of Cessna’s most popular-selling light jets. Providing more cabin space and farther range than other jets its in class, the Bravo has proven to be a perfect charter solution for clients looking for both value and speed. Among its many benefits is the ability to ascend at a rate of 3,000 feet per minute. This allows for a quick climb-out from inclement weather and into smooth cruising altitudes. Safety is the primary objective of Southern Private Jets, and to this end, the aircraft are outfitted with the latest on-board radar and weather technology.

This twin engine jet is configured to seat seven passengers and is piloted by a two-member crew

Manufacturer: Cessna
Max Payload: 2500 lb
Class: Light Jet
Take off distance: 3,450 ft
Seating: 7
Climb rate: 3,040 ft/min

Lavatory: Enclosed
Cruise speed: 454 mph
Maximum range: 1,520
Cruise altitude: 43,000 ft